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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Today is the day!!

Hello me lovelies

OMG...this day has come fast...very fast, anyhoo by the time you are reading this i will be waiting to go down for my Gallbladder Op or i might even be having it done...hope so!!

Last night i went to card class to take my mind of things as i have been worried sick about this Op and it did the trick until i got home and the nerves kicked in again...went to bed & didn't sleep to well either, can't wait till its all over and done with & back home with my family.
The doctors said if all goes well and its keyhole surgery & i feel well in myself i could be home later on tonight but if not i will be home in morning *fingers crossed* eh!!
Anyhoo going to love you & leave for a short while....if i feel like i can sit at the computer for a short while i will pop on and give you an update...put it this way, after having a c-section with Jaykub i was up and walking within 1 hour & half carrying my drain so i am determine to be up & walking and then home within a few hours...just watch this space!!
Don't worry i will stop if my body says no...promise!!
See you all soon :D
hugs and xxx


Jules said...

Take care Gemma .. don't go over-doing things.

I hope all goes well and you are home and being spoilt asap!!!

Love Jules xx

Shannin said...

Gemma, My thoughts are with you during your surgery. I had 3 C-Sections and my gallbladder removed 2 years ago. The gall bladder surgery is a breeze compared to the c- sections. I wish you a speedy recovery sweetie. Please keep us updated when you are able to.
Sending you big cyber hugs


Lee said...

Hi Gemma.Do hope all goes well.You can tell me first hand what it's like cus as you know, i will be having the very same in a few weeks time.Thinking of you hunni.Gentle Hugs xxx

Lisa Jane said...

Thinking of you Gemma... hope all goes well.
Please make sure you take care and do as you are told ( says she who never does!!)
Lots of love winging its way to you
Lisa x

Donna Mosley said...

Hi Gemma, well this seems to have flown by hun, it does'nt seem that long since that ***** of a doctor was so rude to you, at least you will feel much better soon. Take care of yourself and make sure you rest up. Huge Hugs.

Donna x

Lynne said...

I`m keeping you in my thoughts Gem.
Lynne xxx

Sylvia x said...

Hi Gemma

Hope all went well for you today and that you are soon fit and well again. Take care

love and hugs

Sylvia x

Jacq said...

Hi Gemma,
Hope everything went well with the op..and that you'll be back crafting and showing us all your Gorgeous creations...Thinking of you and sending lots of love and hugs Your way.
Hugs Jacqui xxx

coops said...

oh hun,i do hope your op has gone well.thinking of you.

xx coops xx

Pink Dandelion said...

Hi Gemma, I hope everything went well and you're not in too much discomfort. Gentle Hugs Debs xx

Diane's Card Designs said...

Hope everything goes ok for you Gemma and you have a quick recovery.
Love n hugs,
Diane xx

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