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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Just a quick hello...

Hello me lovelies..

How are we all?
I just wanted to say a quick 'hello & Thank you' for all the lovely messages you all sent to means a lot *Mmwah*
I've had my Gallbladder Op which did happen on Thursday a lot later then i was told i was going down but heyhoo at least Ive had it removed now & luckily through keyhole but do have an extra hole then normal, even though 2 of them are a bit wider then they should be..for the life of me can't remember if he said it was the gallstones or gallbladder was big..anyhoo i still have 2 slightly larger holes then normal.
I feel battered & bruised...oh full of gas too which is you can imagine how un-attractive that is!!! LoL
I have to have a district nurse coming to my home for the next 3 days or so to give me my fragmin injections (i think thats what they call them) so i don't get blood clots as I'm told I'm at risks of getting them...oh lovely!!....not!!
Anyhoo Thanks again me lovelies for all you support and i will be back soon...well when it doesn't feel so uncomfortable to sit at the computer!!
love and hugs


Jacq said...

Hi Gemma,
Good to see you posting lol...I hope you are taking it easy and getting spoilt and pampered ;)...Take Good Care and Hope to see you back on here asap lol.
Hugs Jacqui xxxx

Donna Mosley said...

Hi Gemma, so glad you're ok huni. Make sure you take care of yourself, I know you're lovely boys, big and small will be looking after you.

BIG hugs

Donna x

Lisa Jane said...

oh i was wondering how you were. I am so glad its all over ... onwards and upwards now.. take care
Lisa x

Vicky said...

Oh babes glad the Op went well....and by the sounds of it I think you must have had a large stone...ouch...!

make sure you have plenty of rest sweetie....and sending big hugs Vicky xx

Wishcraft said...

Glad it's all done Gemma, hope you're feeling better soon hun :o) Lisa x

jimlynn said...

Oh Gemma....I DO hope you start recouping soon! How awful this must be for you. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. Glad you have whoever coming several days...that's always a bid help I know. My hubby had to take those shots not long ago (in the tummy) and know that's no fun either! Get well soon.
Hugs to you.....Lynn

Jules said...

Hi Gemma

So pleased it is all over and done with and you are home again.

Take it easy and make sure you get some rest.

Love Jules xx

Daniele said...

ahhhhh poor you at least you're home now which is so much better than being in hospital.
hugs and best wishes xx

Lee said...

Oh Gemma have been waiting with baited breath to see you post hun.Now i know what i'm in for.Am thinking of you,well done.Huge Gentle

amanda stokes said...

Hi Gemma!
Sending you big hugs and a speedy recovery :) x

coops said...

so pleased your op is now done hun and that you are no longer going to be in pain.
take it easy.

xx coops xx

JoanieMc said...

Hi, welcome back. I've been there and done that, but three holes later, ;-)), I felt wonderful and so will you. Take care and God Bless. I will be waiting for your next creation. : )

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