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Saturday, 25 August 2012


Hello me lovelies

*fingers crossed* this works!!

I am having problems with blogger...on Friday i was like oh it's working, so i was like yippee & that's when i got a post done on Nutcrafters but after then...nope, it started playing up again so for some reason we just aren't getting along at the mo, its running really slooooowwww & then it coughs....and says er no i don't think so...ERROR!!
So i was what do you mean error so your telling me you've had me sat here for about 10 minutes, refreshing after its timed out so many times & then you tell me...error, your kidding!!
OMG...i can tell you this lappy has nearly been put in the bin so many times but this is a new lappy so i don't think my o/h would be happy about that...not sure if it's down to my connection, blogger or google chrome...maybe it's a mixture of them all...who knows but hopefully all will work itself out best do!! *smiles*

Anyhoo i just wanted to apologise to all my teamies for being behind with commenting, DT posts etc but as soon as it's back to normal i will catch up, Brownies honour!!
Yeah i was a brownie...oh they where the days hehehehe

Edited: I have just thought...i have been on Pinterest so it can't been down to my connection or google it maybe down to blogger!!

Right i am going to get off now because in the mean time of me writing this post...its played up a few times but now back so hopefully it will be ok until i have posted this message so bye for now me lovelies!
hugs and xxx

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