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Sunday, 19 August 2012


Hello me lovelies

I am sorry if you have come & visited me...well no i am no sorry for you visiting me lol but i am sorry if you did pop by this morning & my blog was like all over the place or acting a bit strange then that was probably me...sorry me lovelies but i have been tweaking my blog & trying to make it a bit more personal to me so i have been busy beavering away designing my own blog *smiles*

I am still not quite happy with it & there is still some more tweaking needed to be done but that can wait for now because lil 'ole me is getting a bit miffed with it all now so i am going to toddle off before i do something i might regret...anyhoo i hope you likey!
I will be back later to catch up with commenting & a post *smiles*
hugs and xxx


Mary J said...

I hope you land on something you like, Gemma! I love the lilac look!

The Crafty Goat Girl said...

Blog looks fabby hunny, so please dont worry. Love the colours. I have had probs with blogger loading this morning, its probably the heat down here. Good luck tweeking! hugs Heidi x

Janet - aka stacky said...

I am loving the new look Gemma clever you xx

Michelle said...

Hi hun, just wanted to say i love your new look blog, love the colour! Hope you are well hun xx

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