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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Just a quick message...

Hello me lovelies

I just wanted to let you all know how i got on at dentist today...well i have finally had my wisdom tooth pulled, Thankfully!!
I wasn't in pain today & that's due to the injections they give you to numb it but by hell i am feeling it's aching & feeling a little painful but i am sure all will be well within a few days or so.
Thanks ever so much for all the sweet comments you all left me & i am touched by all of's nice to know i have lots of caring friends :o)

Now if i feel ok tomorrow i will upload a card but if not...i will be back as soon as i feel ok to do so, see you soon!!
hugs and xxx


sue - bearhouse said...

Hi Gemma
Glad you have finally go rid of that nasty tooth.
I hope the pain eases off really soon
Take care
Hugs Sue

Lisa Jane said...

oh i am so glad you got rid of that horrid tooth and although you have a bit of pain now.. it will soon improve hopefully
Take care
Lisa x

coops said...

aw hun, i am pleased you tooth is now out and yes its really painull when the numbess wears off.take some good painkillers and follow the aftercare really well.
hope the pain eases soon.

xx coops xx

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