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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Just a little message...

Hello me lovelies

Just a little update...sorry i haven't been around, do you remember on my last post i told you about me having swelling to my face..well i did go see the dentist just like the doc had said & he confirmed what the doctor had said so i do have a humongous abscess on my right hand side of my face :o(
I have to take amoxocilin & 2 lots of pain relief so i am feeling a little out of it...i have tried to catch up on commenting tonight but i am feeling a little yuckie so i have give up for now but i will catch up soon...promise!!

I will have to be back soon anyhoo as i have a Little Claires DT card for you, as our new challenge started today but with me being out of it i didn't feel up to posting it...if i feel a little better tomorrow i will post it..will see how i feel!!
Righto i am going to get off but a massive thanks for all the sweet comments you have all left me...i really do appreciate each & every one of them :o)
hugs and xxx


jimlynn said...

Bless your heart, Gemma.....You take care of yourself! I'll be thinking of you - and am sending hugs!

Donna Mosley said...

Hi Gem, aww! that infection has really knocked your duck off has'nt it? Hope the tablets get to work quick for you hun and you start to feel better.


Donna x

Daniele said...

ohhhhh poor you I've had a couple of corkers over the years and have never know pain like it, and having a face like a hamster is no fun, hope the antibiotics kick in real soon hun
hugs and best wishes

Lisa Jane said...

Oh no.. i hope you feel a lot better soon
Take care
Lisa x

jo said...

Hi Gemma
Heck, you've had a rough few days, haven't you?
Hope by the time you read this the meds have kicked in and you're starting to feel better! Take care, hun!
Hugs Jo x

Pink Dandelion said...

Ooh you poor thing. I've never had a tooth abscess, but was a dental nurse for over 20 years so I do know how draining they can be. I hope the antibiotics have started working. Take Care Debs xx

amanda stokes said...

Hi Gemma,
Oooh that does'nt sound very nice,hope you get it all sorted soon and feel better
Sending hugs :) x

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