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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

I am still here...just!! Lol

Hello me lovelies

I am still here...just i might add, maybe with a few extra grey hairs and to let you know that i haven't fallen off the face of the earth either Lol

My net connection has been pants minute it lets me on, then it runs slow which means it then keeps timing out or it just wont plain let me on but thankfully tonight its behaving...also have you noticed that a few of my photo's have gone awol, i know my profile piccy did so i have now corrected that...god knows where they have gone!!

Anyhoo i thought i'd pop on to say hello and also a massive thank you to all the lovely birthday messages that was sent to me...that was so sweet of you all *mwah*

Now hopefully if my connection carries on behaving i will be back tomorrow with some late DT cards for you and i will be catching up with lots of commenting...oh and i mean lots...and lots...and lots Lol

so bye bye for now me lovelies :)
hugs and xxx

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