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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Hello from a stranger & a little help for a friend!!

Hello me lovelies

I bet you all forgot about me, haven't you????....& there's me thinking you would of all missed me :o(....*fluttering eyelashes* i missed you lot!!
Because of this stupid blogger & computer..i haven't been able to get on & it's done my nut in...stupid computer!! Oh actually i best be nice or it will play up for me again...your a lovely computer, honestly your are :oD

Anyhoo I went to hospital last week to see what my fate was going to be for all the lovely Gallstones I'm carrying.....wellllll I'm pleased to say they have decided to take them out, thank god as i cant cope with the pain anymore but I'm also petrified of going to sleep but the Doctor has assured me i will be back home later with my hubby & 4 boys later in the afternoon or the next morning!!
I still don't have a date as yet but they have said within the next 6 weeks....yippee!!

That's enough waffling about me for now as i want to ask for a little help for a friend of mine, who is called Jacqui from The Poodles Jacqui designs her own gorgeous Digi stamps, they are sooooo adorable and you can find them Here
Anyhoo Jacqui has decided to do her own challenge blog called The Poodles Parlour 
so a bit of fun for us all but is in NEED of 8 crafters to be on her fabbie DT :o)
If you would like to be considered please contact Jacqui with 3 samples of your work and a link to your blog by the 20th can find her email addy on her blog!

So come on crafters what are you waiting for as you never know it could be you who could be using Jacqui's gorgeous designs :oD

Please help by spreading the word for the talented Jacqui about her DT Call....Thanks & *Mmwah*

I will be back tomorrow with a card for you all so for now me lovelies....nighty night!!

Thanks for looking and for any comments you may leave!!


Donna Mosley said...

Hi Gem, great to hear from you hun, computers are a right old pain in the doodah whan they play up are'nt they? Glad the docs are going to get you sorted at last and hope you will be loads better very soon.

Donna x

coops said...

so pleased you pain will soon be sorted out hun.hope the appointment comes quick for you.
sorry you`re still having puter problems. hope you get sorted jacq`s sweet images but i don`t own a printer but best of luck to who all apply for the dt :D

xx coops xx

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