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Friday, 18 March 2011

Hello me lovelies :oD

Hello me lovelies
Just a quick message from me before i go out, last night after i managed to upload my internet decided to be naughty and cut me off, i did try for some time afterwards but it still wouldnt let me on....anyhoo i just want to apologise for not commenting and i promise i will comment tonight all been well and the net behaves itself plus i have a Sugar Nellie DTg card using a NEW stamp for all you MANGA lovers out there!!
*fingers crossed* it behaves itself like it is now!!

Right of i pop as im taking Jaykub for his 1st pair of proper shoes from Clarkes as he is now walking along furniture etc.......oooooooo here comes trouble now!! lol
Speak to you later me lovelies :o)
hugs and xxx


poodlechops43 said...

Hi Gemma,
Hope you are all well. Awwww how sweet, his first pair of proper shoes lol. My youngest niece is into everything since she started walking or should that be running hahahaha, she simply cant sit still lol. Hope your puter behaves its naughty little self tonight lol. Cant wait to see your card with the new Sugar Nellie stamp.
Hugs Jacqui xxxxxxxxx

Donna Mosley said...

Hi gemma, aww first pair of shoes, bless him. Won't be long till he's running rings around you.

Donna x

Lee said...

Awww bet he looks so cute with his first pair of shoes.Wait till he gets his first pair of footi boots lol.Hugs xx

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