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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Challenge award & a Blog award

Hello me lovelies
I was suppose to be putting a card on here for you as well but unfortunately someone forgot to charge the batteries..........oooooops!!!
*taps my hand*  i promise they are charging now.....honestly they are!!!

I want to tell you about a couple of awards i have received just recently, firstly i got
The Golden Award from 4 Craft Chicks

Thanks ever so much ladies......i feel very honoured to be chosen for this award and i will cherish it,
here's the card i got it for

The next award is a blog award which i given by the lovely
Thanks ever so much hunni for thinking of me when passing on this award, it means a lot
and i accept *Mmwah*
This award is for unknown bloggers 
or for those who don't have lots of followers and i for one don't have lots of followers......actually before i go any further i would just love to say
'Thanks to all my followers for all your support that you all have given me, it means the world to me' *Mmwah*
Right back to the award, this award comes with a few conditions,
  1. You have been you accept?? Yes i do create a post and show the award *tick*
  2. Link back to the lovely person who gave you the award *tick*
  3. Now Choose 3-5 bloggers to tag and pass the award on to them....I'm going for followers who have under 100 followers!!
 These are the bloggers I've chosen

4. Now go and tell them about their award........right off i pop!!!

Thanks for looking and for any comments you may leave!!


Donna Mosley said...

Well done on the awards Gemma. You so deserve them. That card is one of my faves of yours. Enjoy your Sunday.

Donna x

Anne said...

Thanks for this lovely award, Gemma. I'm thrilled to accept it from you.
Anne x

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