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Tuesday, 2 July 2013


Hello me lovelies

*fingers crossed* this posts!!
I am really sorry i have been having a few problems with blogging, it happened last week for a few times, then it was ok but has started minute i can add pictures, then next i can't and then my posts wont post, keeps saying error and the next they will post, then when it comes to commenting which is also hit and just seems it one thing after another just lately :(

Also before i go i just want to say to the person who sent me an email accusing me of lying about my Canvas not being my first attempt...i am sorry to disappoint you but i am not lying and never would because lying is my biggest pet hate, i am not going to name and shame you but you should be ashamed of yourself for the things you said to me but to be honest even thou you was quite rude to me in your email i am going to take it as a compliment because you obviously think my canvas is good to think it's not my first time so thank you!!!

Right rant over...
Anyhoo i just thought id let you know me lovelies about my blogging problems and i will be back as soon as it starts to behave itself again...i really do hope this works!!

hugs and xxx


Viv's Visuals said...

Jealousy is a terrible thing.. and whoever sent you that mail is obviously green with envy that you created something so beautiful with your first attempt... hope blogging problems get sorted soon Gem. x

Debbie said...

You go girl.How dare someone accuse you as being a lier.How very rude and disgusting.I applaude you for having a rant - so you should.If the person is out there reading this they should be ashamed of themselves.Big crafty hugs dear friend.x

Sue - bearhouse said...

Oh my goodness Gemma, I cannot believe someone sent you such a nasty Email, it really is ridiculous. I just don't understand some people, have they nothing better to do with their time?
Your canvas is truly stunning.
I hope you get your blogging problems sorted soon.
Take care, sending you hugs
Sue xx

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